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~that night~

We went in that room so lovingly
Your arms and lips caressing me
I came out with a piece of my heart i had never found
We were quiet not even making a sound
The more my heart pounded the deeper it got
My body said yes but my heart fought
All i knew is my fate was in your hands
You were playing out all of my plans
For years i had created this image in my mind
Of how i would lose my virginity, you being the guy
Slowly things went, as can be expected
And neither of us objected
I knew with every breath we took together that this was wrong
We were too close and had known each other to long
I loved you with all my heart
But you loved me with only part
Before things could get any further
You jumped up and removed the covers
All you said was i cant do this
Then softly you turned away with a kiss
I knew from that moment on you weren’t in this for the pleasure
You wanted to be the one that was there for me forever
You slowly pulled me close and explained your reasoning
It all seemed like a dream to me
I had never stopped to think it would play out this way
You being the one to turn me away
But you knew far more what i needed for myself
Better this way, for neither of us would be left with guilt
Only the assurance of our true feelings would show through
And for that i can never repay you
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