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A night in daddy’s hands

Are you drunk again daddy she asked
As he threw open the front door
And kicked the cat
This is the third time this week mommy cried
I had to work late with a bunch of the guys
Daddy lied
He swung the door shut and fell to the floor
The little girl walked over
To lock the door
She ran to the kitchen to watch from the side
As daddy yelled
And mommy continued to cry
She sat in the corner with tears streaming down her face
She watched in anger
As daddy destroyed the place
Over and over he threw mommy’s china at the wall
As it broke in pieces
She saw mommy suddenly fall
Daddy stood over her like the giants she had seen only in books
Screaming and crying
She tried not to look
She could hear mommy scream for help
Hit after hit
She knew exactly how it felt
After daddy had had his fun
He would leave mommy
And the little girl knew she would have to run
For she was always second to get a fist
When daddy was drunk
She knew he would never miss
As she heard mommy cry one last time
She ran to her room
Under her bed she began to hysterically cry
As her luck would have it she was found
Pulled out from under the bed
As her head hit the ground
Her small frame was not enough to put up a fight
She knew she was his
She was in daddy’s hands tonight
Each hit she took she tried to stay strong
She knew it would be over
And once again the pain would be gone
The next day she would cover the scars
Pretend that it was all just a dream
And try to move on
The words he said would forever remain in her mind
When a daddy says he hates you
Forgiveness is very hard to find
All the nights in daddy’s hands linger on
With a lot of time and prayer
They have made the little girl very strong
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