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You don’t see the hurt in his eyes
When he says your name and begins to cry
Your not there to hold him tight
When he thinks about you all night
You don’t wipe all the tears from his cheeks
When he is crying so hard he can’t speak
You’re not the one to tell him you will always be there
You just walk away and leave him in fear
I’m there for him day after day
To see his happiness break away
I’m there for him every time he calls
I catch him whenever he falls
But there is really nothing I can do
He doesn’t love me he loves you
I just wish you could take a walk in my shoes
And realize just how much you risk to lose
You are the luckiest girl alive
To be loved by such a great guy
You stole his heart and hold my world in your hands
But you’re too blind to even try to understand
You just overlook the best thing that ever came your way
You will wake up and realize your loss one day
Then it will be too late and he will have moved on
And all the love you could have once had will be gone
I can be there for him all of the time
But it’s not going to take you of his mind
He loves you not me
I just wish that someday you would wake up and see
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