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my shattered heart

I pick up my shattered heart one last time
you have ripped it so deep you touched my spine
you almost broke my body in two
this is one thing you promised you would never do
you said no matter what we would always be friends
but your slipping away like quick sand
with every lie you continually announce
you make me drown in my blood another ounce
slippery with pain i replace my heart in my chest
I try to make it fit, but you knew how it went best
you knew my insides and out
and what all my soul was about
I notice you have taken with you a souvenir
a piece of my heart is bare
was it really necessary for you to steal a part of me
do you want it for all your friends to see
so you can brag about breaking my heart
they all know you had it from the start
now that you got what you wanted you disappear
I am left to wash away my blood with tears
Nothing could cover the damage you have done
Even after every trace of the blood is gone
The stains and scars will still remain
Only I am to blame
No other person would have held on so long
When they knew that in the end it would all go wrong
So here I am losing my best friend
And all I can do is pick up my shattered heart once again
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