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LoVe Is LiKe A RoSe

Love is like a rose
you start out as a tiny bud
then you find somone special
and suddenly you begin to fall in love
after awhie your love grows
and your tiny pedals start to show
you slowly form into something unique
to beautiful for words to speak
at the peak of your realationship
your absolutly beautiful
to him and everyone else
then slowly you feel things you had never felt
all the sudden the lies start
then come the fights and the broken heart
you always thought your pricky thorns would protect you
your friends, family, the people you knew
was there really anything they could do
we all warn you,you will get hurt
but when your in love, you are in the dark
trying to look past all the imperfection
it becomes suddenly you are the rejection
your pedals begin to wilt and fade away
life gets harder with each passing day
especially the ones you see his face
the rose that was once fully bloomed
is now just a memory of how you were when you were in love
will your rose ever again be more than a bud?
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