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Today I woke up and you weren’t beside me
I am forced to live life differently
The hope is no longer in my eyes
My dreams are shattered by all your lies
I lie in bed for a little while
Recalling what made us fall
Was it something I said?
Or didn’t do
Was I the only one in love with you?
Did someone else come and take you away
Or is it myself I must blame
I ask my self so many questions it makes me sick
I see the clock on the wall slowly tick
I must force myself to get ready for school
Just another place that brings back memories of you
I walk to the mirror and put on that face
You know the one that no one can trace
Hide my tears deep under my skin
No one can know that any things different
I don’t want the questions from all my friends
How have you been?
How are you and him?
I get that all the time
It’s like they are living my life
I wash my face slowly trying to rid the makeup smears
The ones left from the last night’s tears
Slowly I wash away every trace of pain
I put on makeup to cover the shame
Look in the mirror and away I go
I recall my face will no longer glow
But everything you did I can hide
I must face my biggest fear
You took away my life
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