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i feel like giving up tonight
me and mom got in another fight
words again were said and not meant
but this time they stuck like cement
i feel so worthless inside
then i begin to think of you and i
could you make it if i were gone
would you know how to carry on
could you make it on your own
would you be able to live with what ive done
alone in my bed crying i lay
i decide i will live for you one more day

A month goes by and im at it again
this time its over the loss of a friend
i feel like there is no other option
this is going to be the end
i begin to read a letter from you
these always seem to get me through
i read the part where it says you need me
this is some what hard to believe
i feel unwanted by everyone i see
but some how your words wont leave
i cancel my plans and decided i have to make it through
if for no one else, i will live for you

this happens time and time again
i dont know where i would be if you werent my friend
im sure your not aware of how many times youve stopped me from crying
or all the times youve kept me from dying
you may not even realize half the things you do
but all i can say is i couldnt live without you
you kept me alive through all of these tough times
you saved my life
and that is something that has no price
there is no way i can repay what youve done
all i have is my love
if there is nothing else i can do
i promise to always live for you
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