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lifes to short to be in love with you
ive done everything i could possibly do
i cant make you fall in love with me
you are to blind to see
for years ive lived through your eyes
holding on to every one of your lies
i have forgotten how it feels to be free
ive lost who i use to be
my heart has finally realized
i must cut off all these ties

pull out the knives and cut lose
i can no longer live in the shadows of you
for years i have changed myself to mirror your reflection
some how for so long i used you as protection
i lost all the values i use to hold
i started to believe everything i was told
it is now time for me to break free
for so long you have sufocated me
cut the ties off my heart
its time for me to make a new start

Removing every memory we ever made
I slowly cut the pain away
each tie one by one
i realize exactly how much damage youve done
with each tie lifted i see a space
the space where your heart was once placed
now it remains a whole
just another sign of letting go
cutting the ties to get you off of my mind
because in this life we dont have much time
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