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When you didn't Love me

The scars on my body will never fade away
Forever this memory will stay
The holes on the wall
The broken pictures in the hall
All reminders of how it use to be
When you didn’t love me

You raised your hand and I would run
You said you were just having fun
You’d hit me till I began to cry
Sometimes I wished I would just die
Every time you made me bleed
It made me realize you didn’t love me

Memories of me guarding mommy run through my head
So afraid one day I would find her dead
Then what would I do
I would be alone in the world with you
Ounce mommy was gone how would it be
Knowing you didn’t love me

I can still picture the screams and shouts
And at the end you walking out
Mom would cry at the door waiting for your return
I looked at my arms and legs as they burned
Sometimes I just wished you would forever leave
I knew you would never love mommy and me

I guess mommy finally got tired of it
Because one day she just quit
She quit trying to please you and put up a fight
You packed your things and left the next night
Everything became quiet and I could finally sleep
But every night I thought about you not loving me

It is hard to believe that you love me now
As I see my arms when I look down
The bruises are no longer there
But at my scars I stair
They still remind me of how it use to be
I don’t really think you will ever love me
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