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Love is like a Drug

When I fell in love I knew right then
This was somewhere I had never been
I had never felt this way before
It was like a drug except for more
Something that I couldn’t get off my mind
I was suddenly blind
Every kiss with you was like a hit
Something that I never wanted to quit
When you held me it all went away
The danger, the sickness and all the pain
I couldn’t even feel my legs
My heart began to float astray
It was like I went into another life
With you and I everything seemed so right
You gave me an eternal high
I wish I could have stayed that way forever
I guess you knew better
The happiness suddenly disappeared
And I was left alone in fear
I went through withdrawal
Realizing I had given you my all
I guess I began to fall
I realized unlike a drug there is no cure
You can’t go to a clinic to stay
You jus have to live it day by day
Letting go of every memory you ever made
Knowing you will never feel the joy again
Putting the drug to an end
It is almost impossible to quit a drug
Especially when that drug is love
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