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When I’m driving I get lost in song
Memories of you come along
My mind is gone
Every line reminds me of another day
One when I was happy
Before you went away
Tears cover my face
I’m in my car
Yet my heart is in another place
Submerged in tears
My eyes become cloudy
It’s hard to steer
I pull into an empty lot
I have to let it go
Every single one of these thoughts
It can’t be good when you can’t even drive
With all these songs
Every one of them makes me cry
Its just one of those nights
Your not here
To tell me everything will be all right
You were suppose to be in the passenger seat
I look over and it’s empty
All I feel is disseat
I pull out and begin to drive home
Without you
In the dark all alone
Every place I pass has a memory
Happy and sad
All reminders of you and me
I just want to forget the past
Close my eyes
But then I may crash
So alone I continue to drive
Missing you
Someday happiness may arrive
But for now I’m reminded by every song
That im alone
And you are forever gone
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